"Always supporting local farmers, the beans here come from lesser known coffee growing regions of Indonesia. Single Origins Coffee from Enrekang, Pagar Alam, or Bengkulu might not be household names yet, but they are certainly unique and flavourful. If you think this place is serious about their coffee, they are equally serious about the beer. There are quite a number homebrewed beer: the IPA or Indian Pale Ale is hoppy tasting, the Russian Stout is dark, with hints of chocolate and coffee, the Wheat is just like a summer ale, accented with a bit of zest, the Porter is malty, dark, with a hint of smokiness, and the Duvvel is, yes, just like the real brand. The Cider is not your mom and pop apple "juice", and the Jakarta Pride tastes like British bitter. Each has its own characteristics, there's something for everybody. Flavoured beer? They have them, too. Choose Passion Fruit or Amaretto flavored beer for difference."
-- [The Beat Magazine - October 2012] read more here.
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