Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Menu

* Price subject to change

Always supporting local farmers, the beans here come from lesser known coffee growing regions of Indonesia. Single Origins Coffee from Enrekang, Pagar Alam, or Bengkulu might not be household names yet, but they are certainly unique and flavorful.
Coffeebeerian has your customary espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and the like, but try the Fused Coffee drinks, like the Popapot (25k); a Vietnamese style drip coffee, the Milky Way (35k); which tastes a bit like the chocolate bar, the Cory Blend (39k); a mix of coffee, Oreo, and cherry, or the tangy Afogatto di Limone (30k).
The main attraction of Coffeebeerian, though, are their signature drinks (45k each), which combine, yes, coffee and beer. There’s the Black Pony; served in a tall beer glass, this blend of espresso, stout, pilsner, and mint sure packs quite a punch! The Milky Guts is another noteworthy one; a nice mélange of espresso, stout, vanilla ice cream, cherries, and caramel. But the CoBe Brown is hands down our favorite; it’s a cool combo of espresso, pilsner, stout, almond, vanilla, and lemon, which tastes wonderful. You can still taste all the individual ingredients, while getting a unique taste.
If you think this place is serious about their coffee, they are equally serious about the beer. In fact, there are quite a number of choices of Homebrewed Beer (48k each) here: the IPA or Indian Pure Ale is hoppy tasting, the Russian Stout is dark, with hints of chocolate and coffee, the Wheat is just like a summer ale, accented with a bit of zest, the Porter is malty, dark, with a hint of smokiness, and the Duvvel is, yes, just like the real brand. The Cider is not your mom and pop apple “juice”, and the Jakarta Pride tastes like British bitter. Each has its own characteristics, there’s something for everybody.
Flavored beer, anyone? They have them, too. Choose from Passion Fruit, Lychee, Peach, Raspberry, and Amaretto flavored beer, each priced at 32k.
Coffeebeerian does not really do big meals, but the bar grub here was pretty good. The Chicken Wings (40k) has a tasty kick and the Fritters (65k), bockwursts, chicken fingers, and French fries, is a nice assortment of munchies. But the signature dish is the Bikini (42k). Billed as “grilled cheese sandwich goes sun tanning”, they put the cheese on the outside of the bread, which looks like, well, a yellow bikini bottom. As for dessert, go for the Lemon Cheese Cake (35k). [The Beat Magazine - October 2012]

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ready.. Get your freak on.. Chug!!

Prepare your costumes and your belly! 72 hours left to prepare yourself for a freaky booz-filled Halloween party. Unlimited flow draft beer all night long @ Rp195K. We are so ready to serve you on Saturday night of the 27th October!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Party Here!

Next Saturday, October 27. Come with your freakiest costume and get 50% off on your drink or enjoy our free flow 'Black & Tan' all night long, only at Rp. 195.000/person.